Monday, October 22, 2007

the one about the fish

I was telling someone this story about my son's fish that ended up on the floor. She asked if I'd thought about writing a blog.
I asked "what on earth for?'"
"You have so many stories that are funny"
Well, not many people have read my stories, but it sure is nice to write things down. Then you can look back and laugh at all the crazy things that happen on a daily basis.

Take the fish. Holland was at school and I was downstairs with Romania working on school. Egypt was upstairs, up to her usual no-good. I heard noises, but it sounded like she had dropped books. I didn't think twice (first mistake) and continued working on school (second mistake). About an hour goes by and Holland comes back from school and is upstairs getting ready for a doctor appointment. I'm on my way upstairs and he comes running down, "the fish is in the sink! I've put water in there!"
"I found my fish on the floor, water everywhere and I put him in the sink"
I ran upstairs to find, yes, a betta fish in the bathroom sink with water running. First thought is this thing has to be dead. I figured hot water was running all over him. As if the trauma of flopping around on the floor wasn't enough, he was being tortured with tap water. As all this is going on, my mom walks in the front door as I'm yelling to get the fish net and the drops to neutralize the water so the poor thing doesn't die. No one was paying attention. They were too happy to see gramma!

I figured out that Egypt had tried to pick up a very heavy fish bowl and dropped it. I never figured out how it survived. There was no water in the bowl - it was all over the floor, and the bed, and the big stuffed horse. Tiny little fish rocks everywhere.

The fish survived. I have no idea how. He belongs on some fish survival reality show. He's like Nemo, finding his way back home. Doing all he can to survive, so Egypt can feed him pieces of bread and cat food. I keep rotating the fish bowls so she can't find them. Romania had a frog last year. He only lasted a week. I wonder if Egypt had something to do with that....

I guess when you have kids, you have to expect the fish to put up with a lot.

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