Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Not So Fast

We keep getting these bills from the car accident that Egypt and I were in back in February. I keep ignoring them because, well, I'm not paying them! I finally had to call the billing service to find out why it wasn't getting paid. She told me that the other insurance denied the claim. What?!? So, I dig through my paperwork and find the other person's insurance number, call and leave a message asking why they haven't paid. He calls back and says that my insurance needs to pay and then they will get reimbursed from the other insurance. He then asks if I'm still receiving treatment. Oh - I hate these questions! In the beginning I would get bugged at least once a week asking when my treatment would be done. I answered, "No, not right now." "OK. Good, then I'll go ahead and write up a report and close out your case." Ummm. Excuse me?!! I was actually able to think fast enough to realize what he was doing! I told him that I would not be closing the case until next February, a year after the accident. They are so sneaky, those insurance agents. I wouldn't be able to get anymore treatment if I had agreed with him. And if I had had kids around me, distracting me, I wouldn't even have realized that he was trying to close my case.

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