Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Everybody On Your Toes

Today was just one of those weird days that you can't do anything about. It actually started last night when I got a call from Holland's psychiatrist at 9:30! We hadn't been in for awhile and I had asked him several weeks ago about possible med changes since we started the gluten-free diet. He called to say he'd had an opening and did I want it? It meant a lot of finagling because it was right when Romania needed to be picked up at the bus hub. I said I'd take it and I would call the receptionist in the morning to check on the time.

So at 9:30 at night, I call the only person that can help me out - a mom of one of Romania's friends at school. Would it be possible to have Romania come home with you? Sure, no problem. So in the morning I called the school to make sure they knew about the transportation change and also emailed his teacher. Whew. Then I called the doctor's office to confirm the time. "The doctor is not in today." Um. Exsqueeze me? He just called me last night to offer me this time slot. She said she'd email him, but was pretty confident that I had my pages mixed up.

Two hours after calling his cell and leaving a voice mail, the doctor called me and said "oops! I got my days mixed up". Oh boy. He had no idea how involved I already was in this ordeal. This meant undoing the transportation mess I'd created, and telling Romania he couldn't go to his friend's house. I called my friend and asked if she'd still be available for tomorrow afternoon? Yes, she would. Great. I offered to flip the deal and have her son come over to our house (as a little peace offering for all the trouble I'd - I mean the doctor - had caused). So I called back the school and explained that now to confuse the school even further, I needed Romania to come home on his regular bus and to boot, why not throw his friend on there too?

The boys had a great time running around in the backyard. And they also got to play legos, Rokenbok and a little Wii Star Wars. I even got Egypt to clean her room (gasp!). I told her the friend's brother was coming when his mom picked him up and would she like to show the boy her room? Yes - she would! Okay, then you should go clean up your room so he can see it. In 10 minutes it was spotless! Of course, most of it ended up in her closet, but lately I've been cleaning the same way.

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