Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Finally They Have Names

For some reason, I take too long to figure out names. It happened with the kids. Holland's (real) name was decided almost immediately. The grandparents emailed us pictures of him right after he was born and from the list of names we had, there was no disagreement on his name. The next two, were completely different. Romania's (real) name took me almost 3 days to come up with. Mostly because it's so unusual and Super-Hero really didn't like it. But in the end, he agreed with me. Same thing with Egypt's name. Not only did we not agree on a first name, but I complicated things by adding two middle names - those of great-grandmothers.
But here they are. Super-Hero keeps calling them "Molly 2" and Millicent 2". I've decided he doesn't get to know the real names because he won't stop calling them that. I'm so much more original than calling a cat "the second". So, kitty in the first picture is "LuLu" and kitty in the second is "Fancy". Lulu's name was easy for me to come up with. It just fit her personality. Fancy took awhile. I wanted something that wasn't too long, or weird, or comical. But in the end, it was her face, it was 'fancy'. Here they are lounging on the couch around 9 tonight. I love how they sleep and walk all over each other. When I was taking this picture, Fancy got up from her nap and walked right over to the camera and started to paw at it. Then she climbed on my shoulder and head and walked around. The whole time LuLu, just lay there looking at her sister, probably wondering why she was disturbing her nap.

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