Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm so forgetful

This weekend was a whirlwind of activities. The boys both had soccer games at different times, at different locations. That meant finding all the paraphanalia that goes with soccer season; getting food in everyone and packing the cars with water, snacks, coats, chairs, etc. As I was watching Romania's game, I was chatting with another mom and mid-conversation realized that I had missed the team picture re-takes for Holland. My mind was so bogged down with the entire week of places to be, things to do that I completely forgot. I was also trying to get ready for Egypt's birthday party. It wasn't anything fancy, but at 2.45 I was still running around buying ice cream, wrapping paper and Necco wafers. So it's really not surprising that I forgot.

The birthday party was nice and so very low-key. We had my sister and her kids over and both sets of grandparents. The kids just played outside and we watched to make sure Egypt and Cutie Patootie didn't escape the backyard. I didn't get very many good pictures because the batteries in my camera died as soon as the candles were lit. I ran around the house looking for batteries with juice in them. We have reject batteries still in the box we keep the good ones. The boys just end up switching them around so I never know which ones actually work. They go from the Rokenbok, to the Wii, to remote control things, to Holland's newest pet project: his battery powered inventions. (Which reminds me I have to get a picture or a video of what he made. It's a shoe box made into a vehicle, with a pinwheel that spins, an alarm that rings all while it actually moves - forwards and backwards! I'm very impressed he could do this)

This week there's more insanity with ceramics, doctor appointments, blood draws (for me and Holland!), the homeschool co-op, meeting with my ES, speech and OT.

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