Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Heart Electricity

We had dinner at my in-law's house on Tuesday to celebrate grampa's 79th birthday. The kids got to bed kind of late and I knew I'd be waking at least one up in the morning to get to the bus on time. It was Egypt. I barely got her dressed and was later thankful that I took the time to do this. After waving good-bye to Romania, I chatted with another mom and then headed back home. It was now that the garage door opener decided to stop working. It's been fussy lately, sometimes working, most of the time not. We can never seem to get out to Sears to buy a new battery. To make it all the more comical, I didn't have a house key on my key chain. And I had also forgotten my pager. Couldn't send an email to super-hero, couldn't even call my sister. So we did what any normal person locked out of their house would do: we went to Target.

I had to kill about an hour and a half before Sears opened. So we wandered around Target, picking up Halloween candy, kitchen scissors and tape. Finally it's 10 so we drive over to Sears. Showed the salesman the remote and he picked up a battery and handed it to me. I was able to pry open the thing before we left and put the new battery in. We get home and it's probably 10.45. More comedy: the door still wouldn't open. Holland had eaten a rice cake for breakfast and Egypt didn't even get anything before we left. The only way I was going to get in touch with super-hero was to email him from my sister's house. He answered pretty quickly and said he'd meet us at 11.30 at a store halfway between us. My sister gave my kids a few things to eat and as I was leaving asked her to reply to his message to say we were coming.

We got to the location and waited. And waited. And waited some more. Every 10 or 15 minutes I debated whether I should leave or not. If I left and missed him he would not be happy. Thirty minutes goes by. I'm thinking, 'he'd better have been in a car accident because 30 minutes is ridiculous'. The kids and I were so hungry, we opened the Halloween candy and started to eat lunch. Since Holland's diet now requires no gluten, I couldn't just run to McDonald's for something to eat. Finally at 12.15, he comes into the parking lot. He said he was waiting for my answer to make sure I was meeting him. My sister got sidetracked with her kids and doing an inventory for a new part-time job and didn't remember to reply until noon. I gave super-hero all the remote pieces and the batteries and he said he'd stop on his way home. We were locked out about 4 1/2 hours and after not having breakfast, Holland decided he wanted pancakes for lunch. So I'm exhausted from my morning of non-productivity and decide to let Holland build with Rokenbok in his room. His design turned out pretty cool. I'll have to get a picture before someone falls on it or something.

Oh yeah. We still cannot get the remote to work.


HANAN said...

I can just picture you in your robe at the bus least that wasn't the case. I laughed when I read this. Have you learned your lesson to keep a spare key outside of your house in the yard someplace?

heidi said...

Nope. I still have not put a spare key out. We only have two keys. Maybe one day I'll get smart and make a copy.