Friday, March 28, 2008

The New Trampoline

We bought a 14 foot trampoline for Holland and Romania's birthdays. We've always celebrated their birthdays together and this year we had a request to have separate celebrations. We gave them each a Lego set, but decided one big present for them both would be a trampoline. We've had a second-hand wood play structure in the back for several years. It mainly was used for the sandbox underneath and seemed to endure much abuse instead of play. I was glad to see it go. Super-hero dad had to clear the space on the grass and dig a big hole for the trampoline to sit on. I didn't think there was that big of a slope, but on one end he dug about 2 inches and the opposite end has about 14 inches dug away.

It's taken several after work nights to get it set up. And the continuous rain is no help - not to mention the hail and snow we've had the past three days. The kids have used it a couple times when the weather clears up in the afternoon and had a blast. I even jumped on it! I'm sure we'll have lots of visitors. I'll have to get some pictures of the kids jumping and post them.

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