Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Romania's problem solving skills

He's the middle child. So am I. Sometimes he gets so over-the-top emotional that continuing to talk is pointless. Tonight I broke my own rule and was going to let him play the Wii for 10 minutes before the final countdown to bed. I was in another room, but could hear him struggling. I finally asked him what was going on and he made some complaint about how I never listen to him. I came over to him and figured out that the Wii was not working and he was getting extremely frustrated. As I was trying to reboot the Wii, he starts crying, saying I don't help him and he's just mad (he's saying all this as I'm sitting there. Helping him.) Finally I said the Wii was not going to happen tonight and he needed to finish getting ready for bed. He flops back on the floor, crying and announces he is quitting school. He also decided to quit basketball last Tuesday when his thumb got jammed during practice-for the second time. I could hardly get him to bed. He just kept announcing he was not going to school anymore. He's so dramatic. I doubt I was ever like that.

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