Monday, March 17, 2008

The last viewing of the van

Today I took Egypt and Romania to get the last of our things out of the van. The other driver's insurance decided to total the vehicle after looking at it. Romania always gets sentimental about moving on. He liked being three because he and Holland got along so well. He was sad when we bought him a new bike because he would miss the old one. Of course, he looked like he belonged in a circus, a clown riding on a miniature bike. And today, he got all sentimental about leaving the van. I told him we hoped to get a van with automatic doors, like his aunt's. Then he got excited!

Getting kids in the car is always an ordeal. You have to make sure you have things to keep them busy, you need to get snacks, drinks, taggies, Legos. They act like we'll be gone for 7 days instead of 30 minutes. While I was strapping Egypt into her car seat, I heard Romania talk about the snack he had picked out for himself and his sister. He said how much he liked the peanut butter flavor snack. Egypt added that "chocolate is my favorite color!" Romania and I shared a good laugh about that.

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