Wednesday, March 19, 2008

He's a different kid

Holland is now on just two mood stabilizers and the difference is amazing! It's taken several months of tweaking several different meds for his mood. We started around Thanksgiving with one, and were trying to eliminate another. It got really bad, so we kept him on the third one and planned to stop it when his mood became more stable. We ended up tapering off the new one and going back to Lithium. He had a few rough weeks at school. He seemed cranky and tired and just not happy. Last week was the last time with three meds.

He brings home a paper that records his behavior for the day. Two teachers will rate how his behavior was and then he also scores himself. One is the worst, five is the best. One of the teacher's names was crossed out and the program specialist put her name in and crossed out the 5 and wrote a 6 and circled it! I don't even think he saw that until he got home. Romania and I were so excited - cheering for him. I can't imagine what the day must have looked like to have that rating!

He's doing better transitioning between activities. He doesn't erupt when I have to redirect him. He hasn't yelled at me when I say 'no' to a friend coming over. Romania is even pointing it out. The other day he said, "hey, did you hear what Holland said? He didn't yell and said 'yes, mom'. "

Now we've just got to work on these terrible two's of Egypt's. Oh wait. She's three. What is that called?

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Laura and the family said...

Hip, Hip Hooray for Holland! Let's hope it continues to that way.

How about Post Terrible Two? Or Terrible Three Tantrum ?