Tuesday, March 11, 2008

By the way....

Your son needs leg braces. That's what we found out during Holland's Phsyical Therapy evaluation today. We were referred by the Occupational Therapist we've been seeing weekly, for help with gross motor skills now. I've always known he walks on his toes, and kind of pidgeon toed. But today we found out just how much the Spina Bifida is affecting the rest of his body. He's bow-legged and very weak at the ankles which is causing him to favor one side. He's compensating for the hip rotation problem by sitting in a way that doesn't hurt his back, which is only causing the leg problems to worsen.

All I could picture was Forrest Gump. I asked her if that's what they looked like. She was like, "no sweetie!" Hopefully when we go in next week for the OT appointment the lady who does the fitting will be there. Honestly, if you told me there was some other ailment he had, I would not be surprised at this point. The leg braces kind of put me over the edge.


Anonymous said...

Just think of all the wonderful things God is allowing you to accomplish in this little boys life. He may not have received such love and care with another family. God knew him before he was born, He knit him together..." He knew that you were the perfect most special place for this boy who was going to need so much. God will give you the strength to make it through even one more ailment if that is His choosing. I am so sorry for all of Hunter's "stuff." It makes me cry to think of everything he has to manage. He is blessed to have you!

Laura and the family said...

How long will he need to wear leg braces? I recall helping my next door neighbor, who was six, at that time wore leg braces for six weeks due to hip dislocation. Also, I remember I use to take him everywhere in his wheelchair when I was a teenager.

After that, he was fine and walked normally. He thanked me afterward. I am sure that your son will do the same. It is worth.