Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hip-hip-hooray for Gameboy!

I just may have figured out how to get Holland to cooperate. I've found his "love language". A Nintento Gameboy. We went to an auction at our church a few nights ago and he bid on and won a used Gameboy and two games. He lost the use of it the second day he had it because he snuck it to school. He lost the use of it for one week. He kept asking for grace. I told him I give him grace everyday! I finally decided if he could have outstanding behavior over two days on the weekend, he could earn back the right to play with it. We went out to dinner tonight with a birthday coupon to Red Robin for Holland. He did very well, not getting upset at the littlest thing. And when we got home, he transitioned through 4 different activities flawlessly. I was stunned. Then I asked him to sit for 5 minutes on the toilet (usually if he is going to be sent over the edge, this will do it). He sat down without incident!! I almost fell over. I told him because he did such a good job transitioning and overall for two days, I would let him have the Gameboy back on Sunday. He asked if he could prove he could give it back if I gave it to him while he sat on the toilet. (Hey, guys usually read there anyway, right?) I asked what he would lose if he didn't succeed at that. He thought and then came up with "friends" (playing with them on Sunday). I told him that wasn't big enough. I said he would lose the Gameboy for another day if he didn't give it back without incident. He agreed. And did it! Woo-hoo!!

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