Monday, March 31, 2008

Tonight after Holland's OT appointment and getting the kids off to bed, I logged on to an online message board I'm a member of. It seems strange to think that I've become 'friends' with people that I've never met, but that's just what has happened. It's been amazing to get to know some of these ladies and they in turn have done some of the sweetest things for me. After Holland's surgery in January, someone from this board sent a card and an electronic Yahtzee game for him. I have never met this woman, but she was passing on kindness she experienced from other board members when her daughter was in the hospital.

Well after I looked through some posts, I discovered that one of the gals on the board had a son who was seriously injured in an accident and asked us all to pray. There were a few updates; a dresser had fallen on him and he had been taken to the hospital, but no other information was known. Then a new post came up from the boy's mother. He had died from his injuries. It all seemed so surreal. I don't even know this woman, but feel a connection because we share a common passion - our children. He had climbed into one of the open drawers and the dresser fell on top of him. His head got caught in a drawer and he died instantly. I feel great heartache for this family. She has two other children. I have several bookcases and dressers that need to be secured to a wall and will be doing that immediately. Here is a link to some brackets to secure furniture:

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