Monday, November 10, 2008

Rocket Man

Holland is going through another "creative" stage. Half the time I don't even know he's doing something until it's half completed. The other day he built a 'rocket' with a battery attached and a light. He was trying to launch it with a tea light candle (super hero was there, don't worry). But it was funny because he had this curling ribbon attached to it, and a wide area cleared out so if there was "a fire", nothing would get burned. Oh phew. I thought we were going to have to call the fire department. (Good thing I have a friend who's husband wouldn't report me. Right?)

He's built about three different battery operated vehicles inspired by his "Fun with Electricity" class at the co-op. Today he added an attachment to this crossbow he has. The little arrow that shoots out has foam on the tip and he stuck packing tape to it and tied curling ribbon to it. We have a colony of fruit flies that have moved in and he thought if he stuck tape to the tip, and shot it, he could catch the fruit flies and then reel it back in. I thought it was very clever. For the most part his inventions lately do not seem to be as dangerous as they once were.

I think he's matured ;-)

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