Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

Today we packed up food, some kids and Holland's bow and arrow (don't ask) and went to my in-law's cabin for the day. It only ended up being about 7 hours, but it was long enough. There were 18 of us there, so it was cozy. I was supposed to bring corn, peas and a dessert. I went to Martha's website and found this yummy looking chocolate ganache tart. It even had this little video that showed exactly what to do. It called for bittersweet chocolate and after googling "unsweetened" I felt confident that it was interchangeable. Let me just say it wasn't. I was supposed to pour the ganache into the prepared tart crust. When I got through heating the cream and pouring it over the chopped chocolate (12 ounces of it), it was as thick as cookie dough. I called my mom to see if I could salvage it. She told me to taste it, maybe it wasn't that bad. It was gross! There was no possible way of saving it, so I had to dump it all! I used 1 and a half boxes of those chocolate squares. I only had two left. Some little stinker found out that those little chocolate squares weren't as good as they looked. Isn't that how we all found out?

The recipe was for a chocolate pudding filling that was supposed to firm up once refrigerated. My sister called this morning and asked how the pie came out. I said I wasn't going to look until we left and if it didn't turn out, we'd stop at Fred's on the way to the cabin. :-) It didn't look like it had set and when we cut into 7 hours later, my suspicions were confirmed. How could I mess up two different chocolate recipes? Note to self: chocolate is finicky and do not attempt any more chocolate pie recipes. On the up side, my 2o year-old niece was impressed with it and was doing a splendid job of selling it to her cousins. I only came home with 1/4 pie left and there were 3 other desserts to choose from! So, all in all, I guess it was successful.

Here's a picture of the beasts on the deck of the cabin. I was hoping to get a nice shot for Christmas card pictures, but there was something wrong with each one in every picture.

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