Monday, November 24, 2008

Question of the Day

Do cat's eyebrows grow back? Are they even called eyebrows? Egypt has done her own types of projects lately. First, there was the stuffed bear patient who got bandaged after a haircut. Now we have a cat that has gum stuck between her eyes. Egypt really likes gum, but recently she hasn't been very good about disposing the gum.

The other day she asked me if I had seen Fancy's face. When I found the cat, there was a chunk of gum stuck right between her eyes on the top of her nose. There was no way of picking this out. So I got out the scissors. And cut. And some of her eyebrows got cut. I took a 'before' picture, but they're all blurry because she wouldn't stand still. You need like 3 hands when you're trying to take a close-up of a cat.