Friday, November 21, 2008

The Pizzeria

This morning when Romania woke up, he was coughing and had a fever. Today was our co-op and I was supposed to help teach the math games class. I had to call one of the gals in charge and tell her I wouldn't be able to come in. I hate to do that because it puts everyone in a tight situation, trying to find another mom to fill in. I wasn't feeling so great myself, so we all had a very quiet day at home. Holland also had his weekly meeting with our ES and his speech therapy. I didn't want to take Romania out so Super Hero was able to take sick leave and take Holland to his meetings.

I decided to experiment with pizza dough again for dinner. I found a blog by a woman that was diagnosed with celiac as an adult. She had tons of recipes and it sounded like she had done all my experimenting for me. I had all 4 of the flours the recipe called for and made Holland his own personal pizza. I know from experience that making a gluten-free pizza is not something that the other two kids like, so I made a second pizza dough in my bread machine. I seriously can't believe that he ate it. The recipe said the crust would be sticky before you roll it out. It wasn't. It looked like pebbles of dough. I added more water to at least get it all to stick together. Then when I rolled it out, I couldn't even pick it up. It crumbled and I had to flip it onto the baking pan without touching it. You're supposed to bake it first and then add the toppings and bake again. When it came out of the oven, it was all cracked. It did not look appetizing and didn't look like what the blogger described, but I didn't say anything. He ate it and said it tasted good. Wow. He's so brave.

Then I made two more pizzas - pepperoni for Egypt and Romania, and a pesto, mozzarella, chicken and tomato one for me. So now I'm a regular pizzeria.

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