Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Budding Artist

Today while reading history to Holland, Egypt kept trying to sit on my lap. Well, her head's so big that I can't see what I'm reading (actually it's her hair. same thing). So I tried distracting her with an art project. I gave her a nice clean tablet of paper and a big bag of colored pencils. She went right to work. When I looked down, she was half way done with a picture with a lot of green in it. She said, "This is a girl who is hiding behind a bush."

"Oh, that's nice." She's always making up stories, songs and silly sentences, that I didn't think much about it. Then she said,

"It's a girl hiding behind a bush and looking at her brother on the water."

Oh, of course! It was Miriam! She drew and colored a picture of Miriam watching Moses. She said they learned about her in Sunday School "last night" (everything's 'last night' to a 4 year-old.) Holland was so impressed. She even made thank-you cards the other day for her grandparents, aunt and cousin (he played 'cats' with her, so she sent him a card) and signed her name. I didn't even know she could spell it by herself. She has said the letters before, but not in the right order.

It's amazing how fast things come together when you're not looking. By the way, Miriam is the pink blob at the top of the picture. It's hard to tell, but she's actually got a smiling face! How do you like her bush? She's finally graduated to using more than one color for a picture.

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