Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's a Sad, Historic Day

The election is over. A concession. A victory. And a sickening feeling of what lies ahead. Even after surviving two Clinton terms, this election ending feels so very different. I've been doing so much reading online about Obama's "redistribution of wealth" concept. He's basically saying if you're successful and worked hard, you're going to be taxed more because there's some other poor sap who was (too lazy, unmotivated or unlucky) not to make as much as you did. I keep thinking about Oprah and how she oozes praise for him. So, I'm wondering, Ms. Winfrey. When do you plan on giving my my share of your wealth? After all, I've been hard at work at home, teaching my kids about the value of a dollar and I'm ready to receive my fair share of your hard-earned money.

Jobs will move overseas because people will not be able to afford to have a business in the States. More people will go on welfare. And why not? The government has promised that they will be taken care of. No need to find a job - the government will give you money because it isn't "fair" that the founders of Microsoft or Google have gazillions of dollars and you have nothing. I've completely lost my motivation to earn over $150,000 dollars. I want to be taken care of. I want a bigger house, free healthcare and a pony.

I have nothing against a black man being elected POTUS. In fact it has nothing to do with that for me. What it has to do with is this: this man that was just elected our next President has a socialist view of the economy; is affiliated with Left-Wing radicals; thinks the government needs to have more involvment in your personal life (you know - teaching Kindergartners that homosexuality is a normal and acceptable family structure), and the most disgusting thing to me is his stand on abortion. This may not seem like a deal-breaker to some. But to me it is. If a candidate is Pro-Choice (or "pro-killing babies" in my mind) and she or he is a Republican, I would never vote for that person. Why? Because that one position in politics defines who that person is. It predicts how they will treat the elderly, the young, the unborn, foreigners, the disabled and any other group of people deemed 'unnecessary' to the advancement of the United States. Does that seem like a radical view? How sad that valuing life has now become abnormal.

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Anonymous said...

Well put Heidi. I couldn't have said it better myself.