Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Nice Quiet Afternoon

Ha ha ha ha! I am laughing just reading my own title. When does a mother ever have a nice quiet afternoon? After getting Holland on his bus and taking Romania to his school, Egypt and I ran some errands. I needed to get a portable CD player for a new audio program we are trying out through Holland's OT. I also stopped at Toys R Us to look for a stroller that can carry a child weighing more than 40 pounds. I've been thinking I will need to have a larger stroller on hand when Egypt's arthritis flairs up again and she can't walk. Then I stopped at the bank.

Egypt and I came home, colored, read and ate some lunch. She then set up her pillow and blankets on the couch downstairs and decided to nap. I've let her do this before, but she never sleeps. Today she actually slept. So it was no surprise with a quiet house and a sleeping child, that the phone should ring and someone from Romania's school would tell me that he was throwing up and having diarrhea. Holland would get out of school in 30 minutes so I had to call them and tell them not to put him on the bus. Then I had to wake up Egypt and pack her in the van, drive to pick up Holland and then drive over to Romania's school. His face was ashen white and he was sitting in front of the boy's bathroom with a garbage can in front of him in case he needed to throw up again. Poor guy. It took him all of 5 minutes to fall asleep in the car.

He woke up when we got home and asked if he could play. I told him he needed to rest and once on his bed, all snuggled with blankets and "The Cricket in Times Square" audiobook, he fell asleep again.

What was I going to do today?

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