Saturday, June 14, 2008


We have been working so hard on our yard. Super hero dad loves to work in the yard and has so many projects lined up. He finally finished our fence. It covers the entire backyard and there are gates on either side of the house. This is so exciting because now I can leave Egypt to play in the back and not worry that she will go into the front yard. Kids in - deer (and dogs!) out.

Today Romania and Egypt and I went over to my uncle's house to borrow his rototiller. I ran into him yesterday when I went to my mom's to feed her cat. (My sister and I have vowed not to kill the cat. Last time they went on a trip, we barely remembered to feed the cat and wondered how the thing managed to survive). So when Egypt and I got there, my uncle was mowing the strip of grass down their gravel road. I said something about wanting to til an area in my yard to plant vegetables and he said he had one. Great! After all the craziness died down today, super hero dad was able to finish the last part of the gate and install it. He even tilled the vegetable area and offered to put the boys to bed so I could plant my tomatoes. Then I stayed outside extra long so I could water all my plants and just listen to the silence. The kids are extra excited (not about the tomatoes) but about the three ginormous blueberry bushes we have. Last year we picked probably 10 to 12 cups and we have that and maybe a quart more. My favorite thing is to watch them just eat them off the bush.

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