Thursday, June 19, 2008

Follow-Up on Injection

Today I took all three kids up to the hospital where Egypt had her injection 3 weeks ago. Doctor likes to check on progress, range of motion and to see if other joints have become affected. He says she's moving well. She's very active, so he didn't recommend physical therapy. I told him that she has recently had two different viruses and asked if I should be concerned. I thought maybe this meant her immune system was weak and she would be susceptible to more infections. He said no, that she just was one of those kids who picks up everything.

I also asked about her knee still looking swollen. I thought the initial swelling took longer than a week. He said the inflammation from the arthritis has caused her bones to grow quicker. She has a bigger bone mass on her right knee than her left knee. This also means that the bone is lengthening faster and her right leg is a bit longer. He showed me by laying her on her tummy and extending both legs out. Sure enough, I could see the length difference. You could also see it when he bent her knees up and the right knee extended farther than the left. Hopefully when (if) the arthritis goes away, it will correct itself.

Just glad that things are pretty normal (I'm not even sure what that looks like anymore. Normal for us is doctor appointments every week).

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