Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Answer to THE Question

Today I was at my Physical Therapy appointment for neck and back pain from my accident. I really thought it would go away, but it hasn't. And of course, the more I do around the house and with the kids, the more pain I feel.

Today I brought Egypt with me. Both boys are in school, so it was the best time to go in. I have stretches to do and she checks my range of movement. Then she gave me a back and neck massage. We're chit-chatting and she asks why Egypt isn't in school. I said, Well, she's only 3 1/2. She asked me What do you DO all day? So for the benefit of all those well-wishers who wonder what a Stay-At-Home-Mom does all day, here's a sample schedule:

We get up before all three kids so we actually GET to take a shower.
Get all three kids dressed, lunches packed, remind them to get their socks, shoes and notebooks. Stop doing Origami, we need to focus on getting our teeth brushed. No, turn off the TV and get your shoes on. Please take your dishes to the sink. Ok, you can feed the cat. Let's check your backpack so you don't accidentally take toys to school. Oh, I forgot to sign your daily report. Find a pen, scribble my signature, put it back in the backpack. Now, two of you, get into the car and you there, wait outside for the bus. No, I'm not going to carry you to the car you can walk by yourself. Stop bothering your brother and get into your car seat.

One kid leaves on the bus and we pull out of the driveway only to notice we're attempting to drive 10 miles on Empty. Go get gas. Turn around and drive back down the hill to school. Come back into town and stop at a store for prescriptions and a few necessities. Come back home and feed the cat and bring the bags into the house. Make a few phone calls, and then head back out the door for the PT appointment. The rest of my day will look like this:

Feeding Egypt and putting her down for a nap. Making more insurance related phone calls or calls about a new van. Going through paperwork for an upcoming IEP meeting. Eating lunch before running out the door to pick up Holland from school and taking him to a doctor appointment. Rushing back home so my mom can leave and I can run over to the bus hub to pick up Romania. Letting the kids play outside, trying to do some laundry, picking up the mess that whirled through the house, cleaning up the kitchen from last night, and trying to figure out what to make for dinner, which nobody will like anyway.

Doing more laundry, getting three kids ready for bed which always takes longer than it humanly should. Sewing a few stitches on a new blouse for Egypt. Getting backpacks and clothes ready for the morning. Doing research online for alternative learning methods. Picking up Legos, dirty clothes, cleaning a bathroom, washing sheets and sleeping bags and finally clearing the clean clothes off my bed so I can crawl in.

So, I guess I don't do much all day.


Laura and the family said...

I could relate you quite well when I had my kids over the break. Still, I did take my younger son to speech therapy, find things to do for them to keep themselves busy, and do errands. Life never ends when having kids in the house!

It is either that your therapist has no children or has been working during the business hours while his/her kid(s) is/are in someone else's care.

Jax said...

you forgot the part about the bon-bons and soap operas.