Thursday, April 17, 2008

It Is a Big Deal

Today I was able to take Romania to the bus hub instead of driving him in to school. Holland had the day off for conferences so I hurried everyone along so we could make the bus connection. I walked with him to the place where the Dragonflies waited and he immediately engaged in conversation with kids in line. They were talking about the latest movie we watched called "Bee Movie". The one thing that Romania has is a sense of right and wrong and he said, "but they say, 'Oh, my G*d' in the movie." This mother standing right there said, "yes, it's a very common expression." Just like that. I wanted to lecture her on how it wasn't 'just an expression.' I wanted to tell her that she may think it's okay, but my son was pointing out how it's not.

These are the kinds of messages that now surround my kids being in public school. I now have to work twice as hard to keep my kids pure and from assuming that just because some adult deems something 'no big deal' that it is in fact a big deal to us.

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