Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The next doctor

We have an appointment for Egypt on May 7th with a Pediatric Rhematologist. It's at the same hospital where Holland had all his appointments for the tethered cord and his surgery. My pediatrician told me she was glad I got in to see this particular doctor because he's so good. She said if he wasn't available she would have sent me across state lines! So glad I didn't have to do that. She has been so good in referring doctors that I would go anywhere she told me.

As I was getting everyone ready to leave for school the phone rang and it was Egypt's pedi. She had blood work done last week and we were waiting for the results. I've never had the doctor call back about lab work, so I was kind of uneasy. She said two of the tests made her suspicious. They were both tests that could be interpreted as being positive for rheumatoid arthritis. The one test that was supposed to show if it was arthritis came back negative, but with the other two showing signs of being high, she wasn't ready to rule it out. So glad we are seeing this doctor next week. She favors the other leg - you can see it when she sits and she walks up the stairs on her toes.

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