Monday, April 7, 2008

Educational Specialist

I seem to be cramming more and more into each day. Today after dropping Romania at the bus stop and my Physical Therapy appointment, I met with an Educational Specialist. I brought testing results, Holland's current IEP, the evaluation from the OT and an evaluation from a Psychologist as well as samples of his writing, his math and pictures he drew.

I'm thinking about getting some outside help. I feel like he's stuck where he's at. He was put on a new reading program at school because they felt he wasn't making any progress with the phonics program. So now, I have to be careful not to tell him to "sound out the word". He's had evaluations with an OT and PT that I think should be worked into his current IEP, but the school has to administer its own testing before adding those goals to his IEP. There has to be clear evidence that his motor skills, planning, processing skills and coordination are directly linked to his educational performance. (This all seemed very obvious to the learning specialist.)

It sounds like exactly what he needs. They treat the underlying causes of the learning difficulties rather than just treating the symptoms. The sessions are on a regular school year schedule. Two 90 minutes sessions per week at $3500 per year. I'm waiting for God-intervention at this point.

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