Saturday, April 5, 2008

We bought a van!

On Friday I drove up to Super Hero's work and picked him up so we could go look at a van. The guy we had bidding on vans for us wasn't able to get any of our top three picks. But he did buy another van, same year we wanted, to sell on his lot. He offered it to us before selling himself. We test drove it, tried out all the seat mechanisms and then decided that it wasn't worth an extra $4000 for power doors. That was the only thing I wanted on a van. I've never had it, but it seemed so helpful with three kids and rarely any free hands. The miles were higher than we planned on, but for basically the same amount we got from the insurance for our wrecked van, it just didn't seem prudent to pass it up.

We spent almost 2 hours at our credit union filling out paperwork and deciding on a loan for the van. It's been serviced, has new brakes and new wipers; it looks brand new. We should be able to pick it up on Tuesday. The kids are thrilled we won't be cramped in a Forester much longer.

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Laura and the family said...

Congrats on getting a new van! Don't forget to have someone taking a picture all of you in a front of your new van.