Sunday, July 13, 2008

Here Comes the Sun

It's been hot here the past few days. Don't feel like doing much outside. But while doing laundry, I had hung a few things on the chairs on the deck because I wasn't sure if the stains I treated had come out. I could not believe how fast everything dried. I've dried clothes outside before on a rack, but the wood always get gross and looks moldy, so I don't want to ruin the clothes.

You might remember we have a zip line from our deck to a tree at the bottom of the hill. I've thought about hanging stuff on it before, but felt weird that my neighbors could see our laundry. My sister convinced me that it didn't matter, so I have a bunch of stuff hanging up. Egypt helped me with the clothespins and handing me clothes. It's so nice to do something that's FREE!


Tanya said...

Fun blog today, Heidi. We had a fun laundry day, today, too. The spin cycle wouldn't kick in and Derrick tracked it down to that little thingy that tells the washer the lid is shut. He managed to rig a screwdriver in to trick the machine so we could finish all the laundry before we leave for Sunriver tomorrow. Our 20-year-old washing machine will be good as new once we get the $54 part in the mail ($22.97 of that is for SHIPPING!). Oh well, it's not as much as a whole new machine costs.

HANAN said...

We hang out our stuff all summer. I feel guilty about the neighbors seeing our underwear too...we try to get it in before they have a dinner party on their back deck. There's probably a redneck joke in that somewhere. Today's redneck joke was quite funny "You might be a redneck if you think the '6-12 pounds' label on a diaper box refers to how much poop it holds"