Monday, July 28, 2008

Education Specialist

Today the kids and I went to a nearby park to meet Holland's Educational Specialist for this coming year. All the kids played and we were able to sit and talk about what she's legally required to do and what I will be asked to provide. Not only do we meet once a week for an hour, but I have to turn in 6 different pieces of work that shows Holland's been working on the required subjects. I've been blessed with a great ES because I used to teach with her at a Deaf School before I left for another position at a different school. She knows me, my situation with Holland's current school placement and is willing to make it work for us. She will take these work samples and write comments on her observations (it's not an evaluation, just a means of documenting compliance).

It all seems so weird right now. Each new year brings an entirely new way for me to school. I sure hope we can get past the experimental stage quick. I've gone through countless curriculums to make it work; he's been in a very strict public school program and now I'm returning to homeschooling with additional support. We'll see how much stress all this documenting weighs me down.

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