Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I haven't had anything funny, exciting or enlightening to share the past couple of days. So I thought I'd bore you with our hunt for Frogger. No, not the video game. A real frog.

Two days ago we were cleaning off the front porch and I happened upon a cute little frog. Holland and I caught it and put it in the little plastic fish tank we had. It has a hinged lid and some air holes. We wanted Romania to be able to see it before we let it go. He was spending time with gramma and got back today. Well, at dinnertime, Holland looks over on the counter and says, "Where's the frog?" We all look at the counter and then look at Egypt. She's sitting there so quietly, so coyly. I send Romania upstairs to find the tank. He runs to the stairs and shouts, "the frog is not in the tank!" We all run upstairs and just start tearing her room apart.

No frog. She actually built a little home for it. And if this was more humorous to me, I would have taken a picture. But I couldn't see the humor in a frog roaming around my house. We will probably find it in a couple of years, shriveled up. Poor froggy.

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