Friday, July 25, 2008

Ewww. Gross.

No two ways about this. Tonight I was getting ready for my monthly game of Bunco with my girlfriends. I had to make dinner, keep the kids from killing each other and I was washing clothes. I have a new pair of capri jeans that I wanted to wear. I went up to the washing machine and opened the lid. There was this white fluffy junk all over the clothes and stuck to the sides of the machine. One of the boys had left a pullup in his pajamas and put it in the laundry room. I can usually tell when there are pullups left in pajamas because I can feel the added weight :-) But this one happened to be dry. That is until I washed it. Now I know what the inside of a used pullup looks like. So I didn't get to wear my cute new capris. I had to shake off all the fluff, and vacuum out the washing machine and then rewash the clothes.

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Laura and the family said...

Ditto, I have been there. We both know there were more than just pull up diapers!