Saturday, December 1, 2007

Night Light

Here's my new favorite product. Egypt has been fussing when I put her down for bed because she wants the little light on (too bright); I say no and then she asks for the big light (asking in the wrong order here). I was shopping on buying a video monitor for Holland (there's another post altogether) and saw these cute rechargeable night lights by Mobi. The price includes shipping and you get two of these night light pals. I saw them on Amazon for about $24 each. They have an AC adapter that plugs into the back, so there's no messing with little battery doors. They stay lit for 12 hours before needing another charge.

As soon as she saw it, she called it her "purple guy". I think it's so funny that she names everything. So the room can stay dark and you still get a nice glow when you check on the kids.
The price of $34.99 is good until December 10th.

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