Friday, December 14, 2007

Doing a 180

Four months ago I couldn't even have pictured myself here. Romania was doing great with homeschooling and I loved our time together while Holland was at school. We picked our own curriculum, topics to study, extra activities and books to read. I'm about to throw all that out the window. I accepted the placement in the charter school. The only explanation I have is that God has opened this door that I have to walk through. I thought there was no way we would get in because it's such a small school. They never go over 22 students per class and there was only one 1st grade class. We have the remainder of the year to figure out if this is going to work. The other good thing about this opportunity is when Holland gets out of his special education placement, he's guaranteed a spot at this Charter school. They give preference to siblings, so they could both be going there.

It's going to be an enormous shift for me (and Romania as well - he won't get home until 4). I'm so used to making all the decisions about what he learns. I'm going to miss all the time I have with him. It wasn't as hard a decision with Holland because he had so many behavioral as well as academic issues to be addressed. There are going to be so many great opportunities for him at this school. We timed the drive this morning and saw this gigantic tee pee they were building right on the property. Every Friday is spent either on a field trip or working on some environmental science project.

I've come to the conclusion that two things will happen while the boys are at school: my house will finally be put in order and I will be able to exercise every morning. I figure walking a trail near my home two days a week and swimming the other three. Maybe I'll even clean those window toppers I've been avoiding for the past 8 years.

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