Friday, January 7, 2011

Holding My Breath

How is it that a month goes by without me blogging? A year ago that would have seemed impossible. I think I had something important to say every day! Yeah. I wish that were the case. But I have some relatively good news about Holland. We switched him to a new med. Well, not entirely new. He's been on it before and beats me as to why we took him off it. But another med he was on caused a 15 pound weight gain in a month and a half! Doc thought it was probably a combination of a growth spurt and the medication. But once he was taken off it, in less than 3 weeks, he had dropped five pounds. And I really think it was making him all wonky. He just didn't feel good and the medicine was making it worse.

He's back on Abilify for three weeks, and I've been noticing things over the past 8 to 10 days that have been very encouraging. I've always known he's got a very caring heart. He truly wants others to feel comfortable and be happy. And he's really been able to do that. If one of his siblings is hurt, he's running around looking for bandaids or a blanket. When I was sick on Christmas Eve, he brought me ice water with a straw. One time he made me scrambled eggs. And he's controlling his temper so much better. His tolerance for frustration is showing signs of improving and he's able to switch activities and not come unglued.

This is a far cry from just a month ago when things were so bad I was considering some pretty drastic measures. Praying that we can keep him on this med for awhile and he can be successful. And we also need to find a new doctor. Super Hero's insurance changed again and our current psych isn't on the list. It's either find someone else, or pay $50 each visit! Yow-zar!

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