Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DD is delayed more

I got an email today from social services. I had turned in additional paperwork a couple weeks ago to see if that changed Holland's denial status. Today the gal said that she wanted to let me know that they finally received Holland's hospital records from San Diego - the ones that mysteriously disappeared and then were found.

It's good news and bad news. The records didn't change his status for denial, BUT...
they are requesting additional testing! Yea!!! This means (I think) that he will have some kind of neuropsychological testing done - hopefully on their dime. Months ago I had filled out paperwork to have neuro testing done, but it was just overwhelming what needed to be acquired to even be put on the wait list. So they are putting the process on hold until additional tests are done and looked at. I'm hoping this also means we can be pushed to the front of the line and don't have to wait months to be seen.

So thankful that we are still going to be considered for disability. This is the only time that you hope the tests turn out bad!

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