Sunday, January 23, 2011

Feed the Homeless

A few weeks ago, a friend came to me and said her son wanted to make sandwiches to feed the homeless in downtown Portland. Last year, he earned money and bought the stuff he needed and made about 100 sandwiches. His parents drove him around Portland and he handed out sandwiches.

This year, he wanted to do something more. So they decided they would get donations from people at church, make sandwiches and put them in H2O bags. About five years ago, two of the pastor's daughters came up with this ministry to homeless by providing them with a lunch sack with a non-perishable food item, socks, water bottle, Gospel tract and Rescue Mission meal voucher. The girls sell the bags at church for $3 and this year some of our Treasureland kids are going to make sandwiches, purchase these H2O bags and give them out to homeless in Portland in Februrary.

This morning's service was a combined service with both of our church locations in attendance. We meet across the street at the West Linn High School to accommodate all the people. We arrived early and Egypt and Romania and 5 other kids stood by the doors as people came in. They held signs and coffee cans with information about their project. The kids did a great job and in just one service, raised close to $75 (which is probably a very low estimate!) Next week we'll take the kids to each church location and ask for more donations to be able to buy as many H20 bags and sandwiches as we can. In February around President's Day, we'll make sandwiches and then head out to downtown and let these kids minister!

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