Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Cleaning Fool

Everyday after getting the boys off to their different schools, Egypt asks me if we can do something "fun". Somehow we always end up baking. I'm not sure how that happens. When Holland was home schooled, we were always disassembling things. We took apart an old electronic typewriter so he could use the motor (remember the motorized sit and spin? or the make-shift weed eater?); he had me build a pit kiln in the backyard so he could make his own nature print tiles; he made robots out of IKEA boxes, electricity wires, motors and thing-a-ma-bobs; he made a luge out of boxes and two skateboards. So I thought with Egypt home, things would be low-key.

Nix that idea. We've been baking, cleaning and puzzling for about two weeks now. Every day for about 10 days, we made muffins, bundt cakes, cookies, gluten free cookies, brownies and bread. Then I would bore her with "school". She kept complaining that she wanted to do something fun. I told her we couldn't bake all day, but I was happy to do that for one project during the day.

That desire to bake has been replaced by the need to clean. And more specifically, iron. She loves to sweep the kitchen floor, wash windows, vacuum, and straighten up the boys' rooms. This morning after the boys left and she had her bath, she starts trying to convince me we need another project. She wanted to do something "fun". I said I needed to finish some laundry organizing (Super Hero built me a new shelf and clothes rod in my tiny laundry room) and then iron a few things. I said we could do some school and then she could pick something to do. It had to be "fun". I asked her what "fun" was. She said, "like ironing!"

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