Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What to post? What to post?

So I was all ready to blog about Holland starting up his projects again. Then I realized that I hadn't posted anything about some friends visiting us from California. Then in the middle of doing that, it started to snow again! This was Sunday afternoon (and it's Tuesday now). This is how long it takes me to form an idea now. Two days. I was so freaked out that it was going to stick again. I didn't hear any forecast of snow in our area. But *whew* by morning, it had all melted. The thought of being stuck in the house again made me claustrophobic.

Now that it's been over a week since Super-Hero's friends have visited, I figured I'd better post about that. Let me just start by saying that it's impossible for adults to have any kind of normal conversation with wild kids in the background. They had just stopped in town for the night and came over for dessert after setting up camp at their hotel. We hadn't seen them since we had them come visit us at the cabin. Our kids had so much fun together. This night was no different. Well, that's not true. It was different because we had 4 wild boys and a girl thrown in the mix and no lake to explore. This friend reads my blog and I'm sure she must think I'm exaggerating every time she reads about Holland's crazy experiments. Well, I couldn't have planned it any better (and I didn't!). We were upstairs so the kids could check out the rooms and the new Christmas toys. We weren't even up there 5 minutes. I looked around and realized we only had Egypt with us. The four boys had disappeared. We went downstairs and there is Holland with vinegar, baking soda and markers and colored water. He wanted to show his new friend his experiments! I couldn't believe that it happened that fast. And now, I have a witness who can testify that it actually does happen! Since then he's rebuilt the cat scratching post, made a spear to catch sturgeon at the lake (this one's a doozy - it has nails hammered in the pointy end all sticking out. You know, so the sturgeon really gets caught when he grabs on!), and several spears with foil on the end. He's had a great time using his pocketknife to whittle the ends of sticks. Only problem is I keep finding shards of wood all over the floor. Oh, I almost forgot the toothpick experiment. He emptied almost an entire box of toothpicks and was trying to make something like a blowdart gun. We will not even go there.

So, here are some pictures of our wild boys. This is the only picture of them sitting still, because it only lasted 5 minutes!

This is what they looked like the entire night.

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Laura and the family said...

A big smile on me ! I agree with you for what I have seen on this wild night. I remember catching Holland, the little Scientist, attempted using baking soda and vinegar. Good grief, it was being stopped before getting into the mess.

Believe it or not, my kids do make mess all over our dining table or even nearby the stove! Boys will be boys.

Too bad, having them quite down only last for five minutes. I sure wished we switched to a different movie. This would make a completely different story for our quiet evening. Unfortunately, our hands were full for the evening.

Despite of the craziness evening, we sure was glad to see you all. Thank you :-)