Friday, January 9, 2009

Pamela's Pancakes

This morning after dropping Romania at the bus stop, we came home and I made gluten-free pancakes for Egypt and Holland. I've been using a recipe that Super Hero's gramma made when he was growing up. Of course, it used regular flour. I had tried a couple different times to make the same recipe with my own blend of gluten-free flour, but they never tasted right.

Until I found Pamela. She's come up with some magical flour blend that make things taste normal. The mix is for pancakes and waffles and I've used it for brownies, muffins and now my own buttermilk pancake recipe. As a testament to how good they are, Holland downed 8 pancakes this morning. The most he's ever eaten has been maybe 4. And the great thing is this recipe makes a ton of pancakes. The recipe on the flour bag makes probably 6-8 pancakes. And the flour is not cheap - $15 for a 4 pound bag of it. Here is a picture of the plate of pancakes that were left over. Among the three of us, we probably ate 12-13 and this is how many were left! I was told my pancakes were better than any he's ever eaten in a restaurant. *sniff, sniff*

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