Wednesday, December 3, 2008

You Call That Art??

This morning after dropping Romania at his bus stop, I got to chatting with two other moms. I usually don't stay because I want to get right to Holland's schooling. But this morning one of the moms was talking about her son getting a referral, so I was curious. She said her son had brought clay on the bus and had made a body part. An inappropriate body part. She said her son fessed right up, didn't even wait for someone to confront him and he felt really bad. But the other mom's son had been sitting nearby and she said "was considered an accomplice". Whatever that means. She has some pretty strong ideas about what is appropriate for kids. Her son got in trouble for downloading vulgar songs on his iPod and passing it around on the bus. (She thought the school over-reacted.) So I wasn't surprised when she said that making clay body parts was a form of art expression and they should be allowed to do it! I spoke right up and said, "not at that age!" I knew that I would have to work hard to instill a Christian worldview with Romania being in a public school setting. What I (naively) didn't factor in was other parents having such strong liberal views.

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