Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful

It hasn't been this cold, this long for awhile. I'm talking the high the other day was 22. The kids went out and played on Sunday when church got cancelled. I haven't left the house in 4 days. Not that I haven't wanted to. The kids are getting antsy, and I've been doing way too much baking.
What usually happens is the snow falls, it melts and then refreezes, but it doesn't snow again. So we are left with ice rinks for roads. This time, we never got above freezing and now it's supposed to snow again tonight. Romania has had two days off from school so far this week. Well, that's not entirely true. We have still been doing school here - otherwise there would be even more chaos than there already is. We just get out old books and he does work from them. He told me in class they see how much math they can get done in 5 minutes. He told me it takes him only 2 minutes to complete the work. I told him he needs to ask for more work and he said the teacher just said to sit quietly. Yup. That's what happens in a class of 22 kids, a lot of sitting. He did three pages of math today, some writing and vocabulary and read a couple chapters from a book. I still plan to do history and maybe an art project. What I really want to do is make cookies. I have a new GF flour mix I want to test out with my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.

The kids feel I'm trying to trick them when I say it's really cold outside. They can't grasp that sunshine wouldn't make it warm. So Holland has tried about 3 times to go outside without gloves and comes in crying because he's so cold. And my heating bill is going to take a beating this month. There have been about three different times I've felt like I was sweating it was so hot in the house. I thought it must be because I was working so hard. That was not the problem. The thermostat had been hiked to 90 degrees in here. Holland gets so cold and that's how he solves the problem. Super-hero has the opposite problem: I woke up to a house that was 55 degrees this morning. I told him I'd rather not feel like I was sleeping outside (although it was 17 last night, so it was actually warmer inside). To which he replied "you have a good sense of hoo-mur". I told him I didn't want humor, I wanted heat.

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