Sunday, December 21, 2008

Room Overhaul

On Friday, my mom came over to help me clean out Holland's room. It's just getting so out of control I cannot find the time to even attempt organizing it. I should have taken a before picture, but it's almost too embarrassing to give a permanent account of what it looked like. We got about half way finished cleaning and then I had to take my mom home because of the threat of snow.

On Saturday, we worked more but couldn't finish before the kids went to bed. I had the boys sleep together so I could vacuum and put everything away. I knew that they had the cats with them and went in to check before I went to bed. It was complete darkness when I went in, but I grabbed my camera when I saw what Holland had done. Our cats just love him to death, I'm sure. Cats love to sleep in weird positions and Holland helped Fancy find a comfy new way to sleep. Romania has a loft bed. Just enough room to play underneath and that's where Holland was sleeping. I see this down blanket hanging from the slats of the bed. I tried to pull it down, but it was weighted. Then I realized that he had hung up the cat and she was just laying in there and purring! They're both crazy. So before she decided to crawl out of her hammock, I ran to get my camera. I took the picture in total darkness, so I couldn't even tell if I was getting a picture of the cat. Here she is right before she crawled out.

Here's LuLu sleeping with Romania.

And here is more evidence that cats will sleep anywhere.

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