Monday, September 29, 2008

Hooray for IEP's!

Today Holland had his ceramics class at his charter school. I only signed him up for one class a week. We're already doing a homeschooling co-op and the more I'm out of the house, the less school work I get done if I'm running around every day. I tried to get there a little early so I could make copies of his work for his work sample notebook. It wasn't enough time before class to figure out the copy machine, so we just sat on a bench outside the door to his class. I overheard one of the secreteries talking to the art teacher and picked up on key names (one of them being Holland's name). I figured out that they were talking about the woman who is now involved in his IEP and works for the school district. We had talked about her coming to observe Holland during his class so she could check on his behavior goals.

She's really nice, so I didn't mind at all. We actually have an annual review IEP meeting this Friday and we were able to discuss current goals and possible goals for this year. Imagine how surprised I was when she said "I think I'll just take all his behavior goals off. Is that okay?" Uh, yeah! She said he had met all his goals from last year and didn't see any reason to add more based on my observations and what she saw today. Yahoo! And what's even better is I get to write his IEP goals for reading, writing and math. How cool is that? I have all these great notes from the Language specialist evaluation last week and I'll be able to put down 'no phonics'; 'writing to read' through shared context, drawing about the context, labeling, writing and reading back what he wrote. I also started his picture dictionary. I used bubble letters and drew a small picture above the word and every time he needed to access the word for a reading comprehension workbook, he knew exactly which word it was. I'm so excited to see his progress!

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