Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend at the Lake

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We had a great weekend at the Lake cabin. Romania did most of the swim activities and Holland did almost all the boat races he qualified for. Egypt entered one race and when I popped her in the water for her swim, she cried, turned around and I picked her up out of the water. She still got a ribbon, though.

I was very impressed with how well Holland did in the boat races. Last year he got so frustrated and pretty much gave up the first race and then back out of the rest. This year, he did the rowboat (he said was his favorite), the kayak, the two boy canoe race with his brother, the boy/girl canoe race and the parent/child canoe race.

Romania did all the swim stuff he qualified for. He won his swim race and did the diving competition and the slide as well.

We had terrible weather :-) It was so cold for being the end of August. And on the night of the all-lake BBQ, it poured! They had a little awards ceremony and it was sprinkling. We started dinner at 4.45 because we were all worried about getting soaked. By 5.45 it was raining so hard it looked like November! The kids had a great time, but were so tired by the end of it all. Monday is a do-nothing, get-ready-for-the-first-day-of-school day.

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