Thursday, September 4, 2008

School is Back in Session

Romania is on day three of school. I took him in on the first day and listened to all the announcements for the yearly activities, their goal as a school community and pleas for parents to volunteer. I stayed two of the three hours because I had Egypt with me (Holland had spent the night at my parent's house) and she was coming to the end of her 3 year-old attention span. His new teacher is nice and there are several kids he knows from his 1st grade class. It's a 2nd/3rd split and so many of the kids had the same teacher last year.

This year will be a lot easier in the driving schedule. Since I am homeschooling Holland again, I don't have to worry about his bus coming and we leave the house a few minutes after 8 to drop Romania at the bus hub. They added another stop this year, so it's a bit closer and I don't have to use so much gas to and from school. Yesterday, Holland and I finished his school work before noon and he was able to play with a neighbor boy for a couple hours in the afternoon. So far he's doing pretty good. I still don't have all of my school books I ordered over 6 weeks ago. They are still sorting them at the school and their method of inventory only allows one person on the computer at a time. So we are finishing up the last few pages of his math, and doing some reading and handwriting stuff I had left over. I've even been pretty successful keeping Egypt busy with coloring, building blocks and painting. Holland seems less stressed out, so I'm praying this year will look a lot different than it did two years ago.

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