Monday, August 25, 2008

We've Scheduled a Biopsy

Surprised? We were, too. Apparently my pediatrician's office jumped the gun on going gluten-free. The gastroenterologist called me on Saturday and said because of the blood test results, Holland would need a biopsy to diagnose celiac 100%. I guess you can't ask too many questions. I'm pretty thorough when it comes to finding things out. But I've been led on this wild goose chase. I thought that the blood test would be the end of the celiac question.

We're scheduled for a biopsy on September 2nd. Bummer. I have to miss Romania's first day of school. And we have to be at the hospital at the unruly hour of 6.30! Hopefully there are no other procedures that need to be done before we find the answer to this riddle.

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