Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We've Been Bumped

I cannot keep track of all the appointments we have going on. Yesterday morning, only one day after scheduling Holland's biopsy, I got a call from the doctor's office saying he had to reschedule because he'd be out of town. I have this sneaking suspicion that he's taking an extended Labor Day holiday, but who knows. The good news is, now I can go to Romania's first day of school. The bad news is I have to feed Holland wheat for another week and a half and witness major meltdowns. It's been incredible to see the change once I reintroduced wheat. He gets upset at the most minor things. He looks to be in a fog and his face looks so tired.

The other thing that has happened is the IEP team for Holland has decided that they need to have a transition meeting to talk about me pulling him out of his program. Nobody seemed to care when I was pushing for placement at the Charter school, but now that I've pulled him out of public school (gasp!) everybody has something to say. It was scheduled this week, but the district rep said that his boss couldn't make it so they had to reschedule. (BTW - this boss has never been to any of the other placement meetings when I was requesting the move to the Charter school.) So he rescheduled for next week, but that was the week of Holland's biopsy. So I called to reschedule because I didn't know how he'd feel the next day. I get a call this morning saying they can do it on Friday next week, but they are trying to coordinate 7 people. I told the district rep the only person who needs to be there is my Educational Specialist. She's the one helping with the transition. I haven't heard back if the meeting is in fact on the 5th, but I cannot imagine going into this meeting with 7 people having strong opinions about my decision to pull him. They've even invited the principal from the Charter school. Why?? She is no longer involved in this. They don't want him, why do they need to have her there?

To top off all the chaos and confusion, I have yet to receive even one of the books I ordered for Holland's school year. I know that they are in fact in the school office, but there is one person entering in all the books received and was told on Monday that I may not even have the books by the start of the school year. "What am I supposed to do? I have no books!" The secretary told me to "be creative." I'm wondering if this is worth the hassle.

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