Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm Ready!

Last night when I went in to check on the kids, you know to make sure no one was hanging off the bed, or stuck in a weird position, I found this little treat in Egypt's room. I took this picture in total darkness. Last year when Romania started going to the charter school, I had to get all three kids ready to actually leave the house by 8.30. And anyone who homeschools knows that actually leaving the house is much different than just "being ready" for school at home. So we got into the habit of hanging up everyone's clothes for the next day. Here is what Egypt hung up, on her own, and the skirt was pulled out of the laundry basket. I guess I didn't wash it quick enough for her. But I just thought it was so funny how she even included underwear!

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Laura and the family said...

In a way, she sure has a sense of humor.