Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mrs. Stretchy

Today it's Saturday. It's one of those days where you are being stretched in 8 different directions, but there are only 5 people in the family and you are thinking 'how is that even possible?' I do a lot of that kind of thinking because the sanity is being sucked out of my brain. And if I don't talk to myself, then it's proof that I've lost my wits.

A few weeks ago I had planned for a haircut and to get my hair colored. Romania was having his last basketball game and pizza party. That was it. My appointment was at 8 in the morning and Romania's game was at 11.45. Plenty of time to do both things and then come home and relax in the afternoon. *snort* Why would I EVER think that would happen?! Within the last week, we added a photoshoot for Egypt and two funerals. We also had to contend with Holland not wanting to be doing any of the things we needed to do. I postponed my color and kept the haircut. Came back and picked up Egypt for her photoshoot at 10. Meanwhile, Super Hero got the boys ready for Romania's game and pizza party and Holland was dropped at my mom's house where (unbeknownst to him) he was also attending a funeral for a dear friend who died last Sunday. Super Hero went to the game with Romania and got back about an hour after I arrived home from the photoshoot. My mom then called and said the funeral was over, but Holland didn't want to ride the tram in Portland, so they would just bring him home. Romania didn't want to go to his pizza party so he stayed home and my parents took Egypt on the tram ride.

Confused yet? Yeah. Me either. I've got it all figured out. Also, my sister is gone for the weekend and I have to bring all her teaching stuff to the co-op on Monday. Plus bring (and MAKE snacks) and I'll probably make something for her, too since she had snack but didn't realize she was going to be gone. Egypt has basketball practice Monday night. I have another appointment with the therapist on Tuesday. Wednesday it's Awanas. Thursday I have to pick up Holland early from school and we both have doctor appointments. Friday is a special Bunco night for a friend who moved to the east coast a few years back that used to be in our group. Somewhere in there I need to plan meals, organize the school week, actually TEACH school and conquer Holland's horrible defiance and disobedience.

Currently I'm interviewing for positions available. The pay is minimal (none). But when you're done you can write a book on your experience and there'll be nothing like it out there.

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