Sunday, January 1, 2012

It Must Be Christmas

I don't have to look at the calendar to know it's Christmas. It has nothing to do with shopping, or cold weather or putting up decorations. No. In our family it's about getting sick. It's all about getting violently sick. About a week before Christmas, I heard a noise in the middle of the night. I just assumed it was Holland. He's famous for getting up in the middle of the night. Then I hear this knock on my door and it's Romania saying he'd just thrown up. He did that probably three more times before morning and then just hung out on the couch all day. At one point, Egypt got him a big plastic bowl in case he didn't make it off the couch. He almost didn't, but luckily each time he was able to hold it til he got there. He wanted to eat so badly, but kept throwing it up. He was pretty wasted the rest of the day, but slept good. The next day he seemed to have improved, but I wouldn't let him do anything for fear of the next wave of nausea.

Then about 2 days later, my mom took the three kids out to see a movie. When I picked them up to go grab some food, Egypt kept complaining about not feeling good. She said her tummy hurt. I said it's probably just because you're hungry. We were at McDonald's. Now when a child doesn't feel like eating McDonald's, stop. And think about it. That's not what I did. I said, "oh you'll feel better after you eat something" and continued to order food. She looks at me, her face almost green and says she needs to go to the bathroom. So I had my mom finish the ordering and took her to the bathroom inside the play area. We barely made it into the bathroom and she vomited right into the toilet. Great aim, I tell 'ya. She kept apologizing and I just told her it was alright. She didn't have to apologize for being sick! So I came out of the bathroom and told mom to have them pack all the food up and we needed to go home. She threw up probably 4 or 5 more times that day. She was better by the next day, but just like Romania, I wouldn't let her do anything else. Did I mention that this whole time I was sick? Not the throwing up kind. Let's just leave it at that.

Then, right on cue about two days later and right in time for Christmas, Holland got sick. Throwing up, not wanting to eat anything, but hungry and complaining about everything. He's not a very fun sick person. Egypt apologizes. Romania cries and sleeps and Holland just gets grumpier. Didn't think THAT was possible.

I missed Christmas Eve service at church because I was so wiped out from all the taking care of everyone that I hadn't recovered. I also decided to stay home from the in-law's traditional "let's-eat-out-of-small-tea-lit-bowls-of-oil-with-16-people-who-are-all-trying-to-cook-tiny-pieces-of-meat" fiasco. Not to mention that we were told to feed the kids BEFORE coming to enjoy dinner. That makes as much sense as inviting people over for a birthday celebration and telling them to bring their own cake. I'm thinking next year we'll just bring pizza for us while they stand around with their tiny pieces of meat. Can you tell this isn't the first time this has happened?

So Christmas is over. Whew. Everyone is better. Oh wait. Now we're on round two of the sickness. It has mutated into something different. No more throwing up. But now it's coughing, fever, congestion. I just love the holidays. It's the only way I can tell it's flu season.

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